This year's Lakeshore Art Festival presents Michigan artist, MI Shoreline Designs. You won't want to miss her work July 7 and 8.
via Facebook on 06-23-2017

Volunteer at Lakeshore Art Festival!  
Thank you to all of our volunteers! We could not have had such an amazing show without YOU! If you are interested in being part of the show next year, please email

Keepin' It Green
The Lakeshore Art Festival is proud to be a leader in event waste reduction. From the beginning of the festival until the end we focus on reducing the amount of paper and products used as well as recycling, composting and utlizing post-consumer products. Over the last three years, Lakeshore Art Festival has diverted nearly 14,000 pounds of waste from our local landfills! For more information on our "Keepin' It Green" program Click Here.

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