As Part of Lakeshore Art Festival, we are excited to announce the tenth annual Children’s Lane, Step Into Art! The Children’s Lane will contain a variety of vendors and take-home activities that focus specifically on children and families. The area will feature free or low-cost family-friendly, kid-centered arts, crafts, education and more. Additionally, the event will focus on engaging children (and families) in a healthy way, to educate them on positive living and to include elements of creativity, good eating habits, and staying active.

We are currently seeking organizations that are interested in participating in this event. Below you will find a summary of ways to get involved along with a form to identify your level of interest.

Activity Participant

An activity participant will be involved in developing an artistic activity at Children’s Lane which will be pre-approved by the Lakeshore Art Festival Advisory Committee. Ideally the activity will be free to children. For example, a non-profit entity could provide an activity, educational information or demonstration that provides a specific benefit and positive impact for children and/or families. If a fee is needed to cover the cost of the activity the fee must be minimal and approved by a Children’s Lane coordinator. Artistic activities such as painting, collage, jewelry making, building/construction, fashion, photography, art, education, theater, and music. Other ideas include, face painting, hair braiding, woodcraft, healthy eating education, gardening lessons, kids’ safety, etc.


Our goal is to offer as many artful activities as we can at no cost to the participating attendees. The only way we can do this is with generous support from sponsors. Please take a moment to consider supporting this community wide, family-friendly event.

Interested in getting involved?

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“I attend this art fair every year and can’t wait for it to come around! So much to see and such a beautiful place to walk around. My child loves the kid’s area!” -Kristina Wilson Trasky


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